GUOYAO CREAM FROM JAPAN is the result of applied research projects ginseng production of cosmetics skin beauty MADE IN JAPAN. CREAM GUOYAO often people use most types of FROM JAPAN 14 effects
GUOYAO CREAM FROM JAPAN Logo O, creamy white background match the color skin the users. GUOYAO CREAM there are so many products, However ginseng cream originating from Japan is more popular. PRICE CREAM GUOYAO also very popular and suitable for affordable low-income people. So many people have switched from using GUOYAO CREAM MADE IN JAPAN luxury to use ordinary CREAM GUOYAO by 2 things:

GUOYAO CREAM therapeutic effects skin pigmentation and extremely well compared to the expensive cosmetics originating from Japan
GUOYAO very cheap price with possessory right 265.000VND you have melasma cream is extremely effective.

GUOYAO FROM JAPAN suitable for all skin types.
Guoyao is a major cosmetics brand from Japan, was produced at the leading cosmetic company in Japan with over 50 years reputation. Guoyao Ginseng Cream is a famous product of the First Ordinary cosmetics was founded in 1960 launched the First Fan to add product lines ginseng cream but still the most successful ice cream brand guoyao. Currently, GUOYAO CREAM FROM JAPAN were present more than 20 countries around the world. At NHATPHAM COSMETIC, all products are manufactured on modern lines, the production of cosmetics ingredients are extracted from natural herbs imported from Japan and South Korea. The pre-production material support whitening cream ginseng guoyao always undergo strict censorship of the Institute of Health Sciences, University of Tokyo (4-6-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8639). Famous line of health care products and beauty, a unique extract from sheep placenta, so far Best Qualities keeps working to continually improve the quality and enhance the treatment component of the line GUOYAO brand products.